The details of April 22 attack in Tahreer Sq

The details of April 22 attack in Tahreer Sq
It wasn’t the first of its kind there was many before in Baghdad and all over Iraq the security forces and the government wants to end the demonstrations in any way (attacking the protesters one of them)…and attacking the journalists to keep them away from saying the truth..
I was as usual posting the news from Tahreer Sq in Baghdad when some young men come to me and ask me about my phone (Galaxy Tab: its new kind of phones make it easy to connect to the social media websites) after that they toke the phone from me and hits me I struggled with them and toke back my phone..But they become more than 9 persons so I run to (Aluma) Garden trying to not making them steal my phone again…But they are many so I stay down on the ground holding my phone…So they come around me and start hit me using their hands and foots during that I start bleeding and I almost fainted and while they hitting me I saw the security forces prevented the protesters from helping me and watching the gang while they hitting me..And I couldn’t take it so they toke the phone from me …and then they run away from Tahreer Sq…We told the security forces that they stole the phone go catch them but they don’t care …they helped them to run away from Tahreer Sq and under the eyes of the commander of the security forces …and I wasn’t the only one they hit friends of mine was trying to help me …I went with the NGOs activist (Hanna Adwar) to the officer and we told them what they did(sending security forces wearing civilian clothes between the protesters ) is a very bad behavior from the government and your aim is to silence the protesters and his answer was it’s not my call .
What happened today gave me one lesson there are no such thing called (CHANGE or REFORMING THE REJEM) without sacrifices to speak the truth about what is happening in Iraq …
Is this the new democracy of the new Iraq …its democracy full of blood? …aiming to silence the youth and the press from saying the truth
what I’m saying now I have god to protect me and I will be there in Tahreer Sq next Friday posting the news ..
and to my friends who was really good friends to me thank you so much and be proud for being an Iraqi and be patient and don’t go to the ways that the bad people wants you to go to …don’t use the violence languages ….and it will be always peaceful demonstrations in Iraq
And here is a big smile from me to you
Hamzoz Iraqi blogger
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