The Announcement of Establishing The Iraqi Bloggers Union

While we are going into the middle of the 21th century and living in a time changed all the old methods in many counters from the world and puts spot lights on cases that the world didn’t know about and of course we all know that the (New Media) is the Media of the 21th century and because we believed in one thing (Iraq Is First) so we announce we are establishing the Iraqi Bloggers Union
It’s a nonprofit non government al or political Union works in the methods of team work and it’s for all the Iraqi Bloggers ether they are inside Iraq or not …and it have the rights to do it activities inside or outside Iraq and it can collaborate with another NGOs or associations
And the goals of our Union are: respecting the Human and all the religions and thoughts and defending the Human rights and puts the cultures in the top in everything we are working on…
(Building the human to build the home country) it’s our slogan to reach the justice and freedom methods for all the Iraqi people including the minority’s rights to live in peace and dignity in Iraq and how to be proud of the Mesopotamian legacy that we have with a humanitarian respect to the other counters cultures and legacies…
We are rejecting all the terrorism and work to have a cultured country by working on literacy and protecting the women and the children’s rights…
And our union works on gathering the Iraqi bloggers who works for the good of Iraq and make them work together …and it duties: protecting the bloggers and their freedom and protect the social media sites and the blogs from shutting down and protecting the authorizations of writing and writers for the bloggers and work on making blogs post in Arabic and Kurdish and all the world languages
We are happy for this announcement because it will be a big step in the world of technology and we are starting it with our young talented people …we thank you today for coming today to celebrate this day and we thank the big support we got from our friends …
Thank you and god bless you all…
Amar bin Hatem
Translated to English by:Noof Alfalahi


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