Effect of Social media on Democracy in Iraq

From my Experience at work on Social media , it's easy and fastest tools to share the break news in any place in the world and may be not from internet , also we can do it through our mobile through SMS and may to share important news or help someone need support

linking the Social media networking together helping me in my work to share posts to the world in same time and you can see the comments of viewers to see their feels and it's difficult to know that from traditional media for example i work with a team to cover the demonstrations in Iraq , specially in Baghdad , our team divider into 2 team , first team went to tahrir Sq, or the location of protests one of them our friend Hamzoz , he's a famous Iraqi blogger in Iraq , went every Friday to protests to covered what happened or attacked for human rights or freedom or expression so he sent sms through mobile to Facebook and twitter in the same time through 1 SMS , and the second team in their homes translate what's happened into other languages like English and french , and share it with other websites and fan pages and groups , but always Iraqi forces continue to attacked the journalists and bloggers , and protestor and attack freedom of expression , because their are very activists when they share what's happened in the same time with pictures and videos and text when the Iraqi forces beaten the protestor , and that's happened to one of our team " Hamzoz " when they attacked him more than time one of them in April and last one in July when people in civilian address from intelligence when they beaten him and stolen his phone because he used a new tools to broadcast the protest live from his phone when Iraqi forces stop the SNG cars to broadcast the protest , and the Iraqi forces helped these people to beaten him , when hamzoz beaten he send me message he said

help the citizen journalism in Iraq , the journalism in dangerous , and our team , our mission to share whats happened and make a communication with other teams and companies to support other people and send a call to whom concern and the citizen journalism it's a very good tools and people believe their news because they are very near from people because it's from citizen to citizen and express about themselves also , and we got a support and a call from other organization like front line , .. etc but we never got any help or support from Government to help our rights and protect us , but they will not stop our movement to share what's happened because it's a free space for expression without any borders and for me because i am girl in society not very believe in women rights and our space small for us to express about our selves 

and i advised the youth to use these tools not only for your rights , it's for communications and to know other friends from other counties and know their live and their satiation and it's very important tools to help other 

i found my space as a girl with Social media

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